§ 151.40 EASEMENT.
   (A)   Where alleys are not provided. Where alleys are not provided, easements for utilities shall be provided. Such easements shall have minimum widths of 12 feet, and where located along lot lines, one-half the width shall be taken from each lot. Before determining the location of easements the plan shall be discussed with utility officials to assure their proper placing for the installation of such services. At deflection points in these easements, if overhead utility lines are contemplated, additional easements shall be established for poleline anchors.
   (B)   Where area is traversed by watercourse, etc. Where a subdivision is traversed by a watercourse, drainage way, channel or stream there shall be provided a drainage easement conforming substantially with the line of such watercourse. It shall include an additional area outside the watercourse, drainage way, channel or stream of at least 15 feet and shall include both edges of the flood plain areas as designated by the engineer or as certified by the subdivider or his engineer. The subdivider shall have the responsibility of making satisfactory arrangements for the upkeep of such easement.
('74 Code, § 14-19) (Ord. passed 11-25-67) Penalty, see § 10.99