§ 92.04 FIRE PITS.
   (A)   The use of fire pits and outdoor fireplaces (collectively “fire pits” hereafter) are to conform with the following regulations:
      (1)   Fire pits cannot be used between the hours of 1:00 a.m. and noon.
      (2)   The fire must be contained in a non-combustible receptacle made of cement, block, rock, brick, clay, or sheet metal with a minimum 18 gauge thickness.
      (3)   The fire box must be covered with heavy gauge metal screen with openings not larger than 13 mm (½ inch) to contain spark.
      (4)   The size of the fire box shall not exceed 40 inches in any dimension.
      (5)   The fire pit must be located a minimum of 50 feet from any combustible material, such as buildings, porches, and decks.
      (6)   The use of the fire pit shall not cause any building fire alarm system to activate.
      (7)   Fire pits cannot be placed on combustible decks or apartment balconies.
      (8)   Fire pits must be situated on a non-combustible surface.
      (9)   Fire pits shall be clear of overhangs, such as tree branches, utility lines and structures, including tents and canopies.
      (10)   Fire pits must be attended and supervised by a competent adult property owner/resident/tenant until the fire has been completely extinguished. A legal resident/tenant of a property may use a fire pit in accordance with this section as long as the property owner or assigned management company grants written permission to the legal resident/tenant.
      (11)   Any person who uses a fire pit shall have means of extinguishing the fire readily accessible at all times.
      (12)   The only permitted fuels are charcoal, seasoned firewood or manufactured logs.
      (13)   Materials that cannot be burned include, but are not limited to: waste including rubbish or scrap, slimes, manure, treated or painted lumber, livestock or animal carcasses, tailings, garbage, garden refuse or scrap, any hazardous material or dangerous good, or any material that generates black smoke or an offensive odor, including insulation from electrical wiring, rubber tires, asphalt shingles, hydrocarbons, plastics, and lumber treated with wood preservatives.
      (14)   Fire pits shall not be used in windy conditions where wind speed exceeds 15 miles per hour.
      (15)   In the event the Fire Chief, County Commissioners, or State Fire Marshal issues a burn ban, the use of the fire pits will be prohibited.
   (B)   Fire pits shall not be permitted within the Fire Zone Limit, as defined and described in § 150.60 of the city code, without first obtaining a permit as outlined in this chapter.
(Ord. 2021-004, passed 6-14-21)