(A)   Open burns are prohibited unless a permit is obtained from the Fire Chief or, in his or her absence, an appointed representative.
   (B)   Upon obtaining a permit, open burns shall be limited to the following specifications:
      (1)   Only limbs, natural growth and other vegetative materials are permitted to be burned, except for treated lumber (pressure treated railroad ties).
      (2)   Open burns of vegetative matter grown on the premises in the course of agricultural operations, when it can be shown that such open burning is necessary and that no fire hazard will occur, provided the person intending to dispose of vegetative matter by open burning obtains approval from the Fire Department which has jurisdiction.
      (3)   Open burns are only permitted during favorable weather conditions at the discretion of the Fire Chief and/or his or her officers.
      (4)   Open burns must be at least 50 feet from any structure or trees.
      (5)   The Fire Chief or his/her officers can terminate any open burn at any time, if the Fire Chief of an officer determines in his/her sole discretion that the open burn is a nuisance to other residents or poses a danger.
      (6)   All open burns must be attended to at all times by an adult with a reliable water source, shovel, fire extinguisher or other approved fire extinguishing close at hand.
   (C)   Burning of any fuels, plastics, garbage, or other non- vegetative based material is prohibited.
   (D)   Permits for open burns must be kept at hand with the attendee of the burn on the premises.
   (E)   The Fire Chief has discretion to issue burn permits for open burns that violate this section under special circumstances (i.e. ceremonies, school events, etc.).
   (F)   No person shall start, kindle, cause, allow or maintain any form of open burning of fuels, materials, rubbish, or trash burning on private or public property, except if specifically authorized by this code.
   (G)   No person shall burn or cause to be burned any leaves, grass, tree limbs, branches, paper, rubbish or trash upon any street, alley, or sidewalk within the city.
(Ord. 2000-7, passed 10-11-00; Am. Ord. 2021-004, passed 6-14-21)