(A)   An officer who finds a vehicle or parts believed to be abandoned, shall attach in a prominent place a notice tag containing the following information:
      (1)   The date, time, officer's name, City Police Department and address and telephone number to contact for information.
      (2)   That the vehicle or parts are considered abandoned.
      (3)   That the vehicle or parts will be removed after 72 hours.
      (4)   That the owner will be held responsible for all costs incidental to the removal, storage and disposal of any such vehicle, and if not paid, the owner’s registration privileges will be suspended on that vehicle.
      (5)   That the owner may avoid costs by removal of the vehicle or parts within 72 hours.
   (B)   If the tagged vehicle or parts are not removed within that 72-hour period, the officer shall prepare a written abandoned vehicle report of the vehicle or parts including information on the conditions, missing parts, and other facts that might substantiate that the market value is less than $100. Photographs shall be taken to describe the condition of the vehicle or parts.
   (C)   If, in the opinion of the officer, the market value of the abandoned vehicle or parts is less than $100, the officer shall immediately dispose of the vehicle to an automobile scrap yard. A copy of the abandoned vehicle report and photographs relating to the abandoned vehicle shall be forwarded to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. The Police Department shall retain the original records and photographs for at least two years.
   (D)   If, in the opinion of the officer, the market value of the abandoned vehicle or parts is $100 or more, the officer, before placing a notice tag on the vehicle or parts, shall make a reasonable effort to ascertain the owner or person who may be in control of the vehicle or parts. After 72 hours, the officer shall require the vehicle or parts to be towed to the storage area.
(Ord. 91-3, passed 5-6-91; Am. Ord. 2015-001, passed 2-2-15)