(A)   The City of Aurora adopts as policy the internal control standard as set forth-by the Indiana State Board of Accounts Uniform Internal Control Standards for Indiana Political Subdivisions manual as expressly written and published by the Indiana State Board of Accounts in September 2015, as amended from time to time.
   (B)   As required by statute, all erroneous or irregular variances, losses, shortages, or thefts of local government funds or property shall be reported immediately to the State Board of Accounts. The City Council will seek establish an appropriate materiality threshold (dollar amount of variance, loss, shortage or theft that requires reporting) and may approve or modify the threshold amount as deemed appropriate. The City Council will communicate the materiality threshold in a detailed policy that shall distinguish between cash and other types of assets, maintenance of documentation and resolution of incidents that do not meet the materiality threshold.
   (C)   All appropriate city personnel will receive appropriate training on the internal controls standards and procedures. “Personnel” is defined as an officer, or employee whose official duties include receiving, processing, depositing, disbursing, or otherwise having access to funds that belong to the Federal government, state government, a political subdivision, or another governmental entity. As required by statute, the fiscal officer of the city (Clerk-Treasurer) will file annual certification of training with the Indiana State Board of Accounts.
   (D)   The Clerk-Treasurer's office, in coordination with the City Council of Aurora, will develop, maintain and train personnel on internal controls standards and policies and all new personnel shall receive training timely. All city officers, elected officials and employees are required to comply with the policy. The policy will be integrated into the Employee Handbook. Employees who fail to comply with this policy are subject to disciplinary action, up to but not. limited to termination of their employment.
(Ord. 2016-011, passed - -16)
Statutory reference:
   For provisions concerning Internal Controls, see IC § 5-11-1-27.