(A)   The service charges as set forth and contained in the following schedule of charges are hereby found and determined to be reasonable and just rates reasonably related to the administration of the marriage office and its delivery of services.
   (B)   The users of services administered and provided by the Marriage Office will be charged a standard service charge to support the following basic services:
      (1)   Performance of the solemnization by the proper municipal officer authorized pursuant to IC 31-11-6 et seq. at the premises of the City of Aurora during regular business hours.
      (2)   A pre-solemnization meeting in which the users deliver to the Clerk-Treasurer's Office the wedding license as issued by the proper authority outlined in IC 31-11-4.
      (3)   Authorization and selection of vows and ceremony by users.
      (4)   Preparation of the license and forms by the Clerk-Treasurer and the posting by USPS completed certificates for delivery to the proper circuit court clerk as the issuing authority.
   (C)   The Wedding Office may charge and collect charges for the additional services outlined in the schedule of charges. Such charges are cumulative and will be in addition to the standard ceremony charge to be paid by users of the services of the Bureau.
   (D)   The following schedule of fees and charges is authorized: City of Aurora Wedding Office standard ceremony fee: $100.
   (E)   If the Clerk-Treasurer cancels for any reason, the nonrefundability of the fee will be waived and all charges will be refunded upon proper application.
(Ord. 2016-001, passed 3-7-16)
Statutory reference: 
   Charges and fees required to be reasonably related to cost of service, see IC 36-1-3-8(6).