(A)   The City of Aurora Attorney may establish a deferral program for deferring actions brought under the Traffic Code. Actions may be deferred under this program if:
      (1)   The defendant in the action agrees to conditions of a deferral program offered by the City of Aurora which may include community restitution or service in lieu of a monetary judgment;
      (2)   The defendant pays to the Clerk of the City of Aurora, in accordance with IC 34-28-5-1 and IC 33-37-4-2(e), an initial user's fee of $52 and monthly user's fee in the amount of $10 per month for each month the person remains in the deferral program; and court costs in the amount of $70 for a moving violation or other court costs as ordered for non-moving violations.
      (3)   The deferral agreement is filed with the Dearborn Superior Court No. 1.
   (B)   When a defendant complies with the terms of the deferral agreement the City of Aurora will dismiss the cause of action with prejudice.
(Ord. 2006-09, passed 4-17-06; Am. Ord. 2012-011, passed 12-17-12)