(A)   The Chief, Deputy Fire Chief or other officers shall wear such hat or badge as shall designate their office and rank.
   (B)   The Chief, Deputy Fire Chief or other officers when clothed with their proper badge of office shall have the authority to require any person or persons present at a fire to work in extinguishing the fire or in aiding to save the property from destruction or avoiding personal injury in such places and in such manner as they or either of them shall direct and to order all bystanders who are unemployed or whose assistance is not required, to remove to such distance as the Chief or Deputy Fire Chief may prescribe. Such Chief, Deputy Fire Chief and other officers shall have all the powers of police officers during the continuance of the fire to suppress disturbances, to arrest any person who may commit a breach of the peace, do injury to the property of another or to any public property, violate any of the ordinances of the city or the state pertaining to fire emergencies or refuse or neglect any order given by any officers and to conduct the offender before proper magistrate or commit him to jail or county prison until a legal hearing can be had.
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