(A)   The Fire Department shall have one Fire Chief who shall be appointed by the Mayor; but no person shall be appointed to the office of Fire Chief who has not been a member of the Fire Department for at least five years prior to his appointment.
   (B)   After his appointment the Fire Chief shall be in charge of and responsible for personnel and equipment in the city Fire Department.
('74 Code, § 5-7)
   (C)   Presence at fire. It shall be the duty of the Fire Chief whenever a fire shall break out in the city to immediately go to the place of such fire and to take proper measures to have the engines and other apparatus arranged in the most advantageous position.
   (D)   Command at fires. The Fire Chief shall have the sole and absolute command at all fires, over all other officers and members of the Fire Department and all others persons who may be present at the fire. He shall take all proper measures for the extinguishing of the fire, for the protection of the property, for the preservation of order and for the enforcement and observance of all state and municipal laws, as well as the rules and regulations of the Fire Company.
   (E)   Deputy State Fire Marshal. The Fire Chief shall have the power to inspect houses, buildings, factories or businesses of any kind as well as lots, yards and any other location where a fire hazard may exist or may be reasonably thought to exist. He shall have the authority at all reasonable times to examine any and all premises as often as he may deem necessary for the protection of property and lives from fire hazard.
   (F)   Reports to Council; maintenance of apparatus. It shall be the duty of the Fire Chief to report to the Common Council at their first meeting in the months of May and November of each year, and at any time when ordered by the Council to do so, the condition of the Fire Department, the number of members, the names of the members who have moved from the city, resigned or who have been expelled. He shall also at the same time report the condition of the engines, hoses, hooks and ladders and all other apparatus pertaining to the Fire Department. He shall further report the condition of the buildings in which they are kept and he shall recommend such alterations to and improvement in the apparatus of the Fire Department and such additional apparatus and appliances as he may deem necessary. He shall see that all apparatus for the extinguishing of fires belonging to the city are kept in perfect order.
   (G)   Repair, etc., of apparatus, etc. The Fire Chief shall order and direct all repairs and purchase all necessary apparatus for the Fire Department upon the order of the Common Council; however, when immediate and prompt action is necessary he may order repairs and make purchases on the order of the committee of the Fire Department, but such committee shall not have the power to expend in excess of $500 within any two week period; provided, further, that the promotion of and maintenance of proper and suitable equipment, no equipment shall be purchased on the part of the Common Council without the approval of the Fire Chief of the city.
('74 Code, § 5-8)
   (H)   When the Fire Chief resigns or is succeeded in office, for any reason other than expulsion, he shall continue to be a member of the volunteer fire department. ('74 Code, § 5-9)
(Ord. 554, passed - - ; Am. Ord. 2000-9, passed 12-13-00)