(A)   The Chief of Police acting for the Aurora Police Department shall assess and collect the sum of $5 from each applicant for a transfer of a handgun as the statutory fee for the services and the statutory search of law enforcement records as set forth in I.C. 35-47-2-10.
   (B)   The $5 fee so assessed and collected shall be deposited as follows:
      (1)   Three dollars to the state general fund;
      (2)   Two dollars into the Police Department firearms training fund to be used by this Department for the purpose of training law enforcement officers of the city in the proper use of firearms or other law enforcement duties.
   (C)   The following procedure shall be followed for accounting for the handgun transfer fees:
      (1)   A Receipt, General Form No. 352 shall be issued by the intake officer for each fee collected;
      (2)   These collected fees shall be remitted once each week to the Clerk-Treasurer;
      (3)   The Clerk-Treasurer shall issue an official receipt for such remittance specifying on such receipt the number of general receipts accounted for (example: General Receipts Nos. 14-16, $15);
      (4)   The Clerk-Treasurer shall receipt the fees to a separate fund in the ledger of receipts and disbursements titled "Firearms Training Fund" and deposit such receipts in the municipality's general corporation bank account (a separate depository account is not required);
      (5)   The $3 for the state shall be paid to the Treasurer of State without appropriation and sent to the Auditor of State along with General Form No. 366 (1983).
   (D)   Expenditures from the "Firearms Training Fund" shall be authorized by the Chief of Police, limited to the approved uses provided in the law, and paid without appropriation upon the basis of a claim filed, allowed and paid in the regular manner.
(Ord. 1983-9, passed 11-7-83)