(A)   There is hereby created an Ordinance Violations Bureau, pursuant to IC 33-36-3. The function and purpose of the Bureau shall be to collect, receipt, and account for payments of civil ordinance violation penalties. Each offense and/or each day of each offense shall constitute a separate violation for the purpose of collection under this chapter.
   (B)   The Violations Clerk is hereby designated as the City Clerk Treasurer.
   (C)   A person charged with an ordinance or code violation is entitled to a trial before a court as provided by law, unless the person waives the right to trial and enters an admission of the violation with the Violations Clerk. Upon an admission, the Clerk shall assess and receive from the violator the amount prescribed by the schedule of civil penalties assessed.
   (D)   If a person charged with a violation wants to exercise the right to trial, the person shall appear before the Violations Clerk and deny the violation or enter a written denial with the Clerk. The matter will then be set for trial with the Dearborn Circuit Court, Dearborn Superior Court No. 1 or Dearborn Superior Court No. 2, unless an ordinance hereunder otherwise provides for a hearing procedure with a local hearing officer.
   (E)   If a person (1) denies an ordinance or code violation; (2) fails to satisfy a civil penalty assessed by the Violations Clerk after having entered an admission of the violation; or (3) fails to deny or admit the violation; the Clerk shall report the same to the city attorney to prosecute the ordinance violation in court.
   (F)   An admitted ordinance violation does not constitute a judgement for purposes of IC 33-37 and ordinance violation costs fee may not be collected.
   (G)   All sums collected by the Violations Clerk as civil penalties for ordinance violations shall be accounted for and paid to the municipal corporation as provided by law.
(Ord. 2006-16, passed 10-2-06; Am. Ord. 2013-003, passed 4-1-13)