(A)   It shall be the duty of the Police Department to keep all premises licensed under this chapter under surveillance and each member of the force shall thoroughly acquaint himself or herself with the prohibitions, restrictions, and regulations of this chapter.
   (B)   All provisions of this chapter shall be strictly enforced. Any Police Officer who knowingly shall permit any infraction of this chapter shall be subject to removal from the force and subject to the other penalties provided for herein.
   (C)   The Police Department shall provide written notice of an alleged violation of this chapter to the person appearing to be in charge of the licensed premises upon which a violation is alleged at the time of the alleged violation, and the written notice of the alleged violation shall also be copied to the licensee. Such notice shall indicate which portion of this chapter has allegedly been violated.
(Ord. 2005-07, passed 8-17-05; Am. Ord. 2006-07, passed 12-20-06) Penalty, see § 113.99