(A)   Applications for licenses shall be made to the City Clerk in writing, on forms furnished by the City Clerk setting forth in detail, such information concerning the applicant and the premises sought to be licensed, and required by the Kentucky Alcoholic Beverage Control Law of 1938, as amended. Each application shall be accompanied by a certified check, cash or money order, in the amount required by this chapter for a license of the kinds or class applied for. The City Clerk shall immediately forward the application to the City Administrator for review. No license shall be issued by the City Clerk without the approval of the City Administrator.
   (B)   Any license authorized to be issued under this chapter must be refused if the applicant therefor, or the premises for which same is sought, does not comply fully with the rules and regulations of the Kentucky Alcoholic Control Board, or City Administrator, or if the applicant shall have done any act for which a revocation of license would be authorized under the Statutes of Kentucky, or if the applicant has made any false statement in his or her application. The license may also be refused by the City Administrator, for any reason which the Administrator, in the exercise of his or her sound discretion, deems sufficient. Amount those factors that the Administrator shall consider in the exercise of his or her discretion are:
      (1)   Public sentiment in the area;
      (2)   Number of licensed outlets in the area;
      (3)   Potential for future growth;
      (4)   Type of area involved;
      (5)   Type of transportation available; and
      (6)   Financial potential of the area.
(Ord. 2005-07, passed 8-17-05; Am. Ord. 2006-07, passed 12-20-06) Penalty, see § 113.99