(A)   Any person who has been attacked by an animal, or anyone for such person, may make a complaint before the District Court, charging the owner, or keeper of such an animal, or parents, legal guardian or custodian of a minor owner with harboring a vicious animal. A copy of such complaint shall be served upon the animal's owner or keeper or upon the parents, legal guardian or custodian if the animal's owner or keeper is a minor, subject to the laws regulating the service of summons in civil actions directing him to appear for a hearing.
   (B)   Upon the filing of a complaint and service of the complaint upon the proper person, the owner or keeper shall keep the dog securely confined within an enclosed structure. If the accused animal is found outside of the enclosed structure, the animal shall be seized and impounded in a kennel or animal shelter at the owner's expense until the hearing.
   (C)   Upon a hearing of the parties and their witnesses, if the court finds the animal to be a vicious animal, the Court shall declare the animal to be a vicious animal. Upon the Court's declaration, the animal shall be humanely destroyed or removed from within the corporate limits of the city. No animal may be destroyed under this section while any appeal is pending pertaining to the declaration that the animal is a vicious animal.
(Ord. 92-1, passed 6-17-92)