For the purpose of this subchapter the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   "AT LARGE." On or off the premises of the owner and not under the immediate effective control of the owner or custodian either by leash, cord, or chain, or effectively confined within a fenced area on the owner's premises.
   "DOG." Any member of the canine family, six months of age or over, male or female.
   "DOG OWNER." Includes every person having a right of property in the dog and every person who keeps or harbors the dog or has it in his care or permits it to remain on or about premises owned or occupied by him. If a dog is owned by a family, all adult members of the family, individually and jointly, shall be deemed owners of the dog for the purposes of this subchapter.
   "DOG WARDEN." The County Dog Warden, who may be assisted by the police officers of the city.
   "STATE LICENSE." The license and/or tag required by KRS Ch. 258.
      (1)   Any animal which has inflicted severe injury on a person or other animal without provocation on public or private property;
      (2)   Any animal which killed a domestic animal without provocation while off the owner's property;
      (3)   Any animal owned or harbored primarily or in part for the purpose of fighting or any animal trained for the purpose of fighting;
      (4)   Any animal that has bitten or attacked any person, or any animal that has attempted to bite or attack any person. This division (4) shall not apply if the person/animal is bitten or attacked while illegally on the owner's property;
      (5)   Any animal that has, without provocation, chased, confronted, or approached a person on a street, sidewalk, or other public property in menacing fashion such as would put an average person in fear of attack;
      (6)   Any animal that has exhibited a propensity, tendency or disposition to attack, cause injury or threaten the safety of person or other animals without provocation; or
      (7)   Any animal that has acted in a manner that causes or should cause its owner to know it is potentially vicious.
(Ord. 85-1, passed 3-21-85; Am. Ord. 92-1, passed 6-17-92)