(A)    Whenever a petition is filed with the Mayor by at least five residents of the city charging that any structure is unsafe, or whenever it appears to the Mayor that any structure is unsafe or unfit for human habitation, occupancy, or use due to serious dilapidation; major disrepair; structural defects increasing the hazards of fire, accidents, and other calamities; lack of sanitary facilities, ventilation, or light; or due to other conditions rendering such structures unsafe, unsanitary, or dangerous or detrimental to health, safety, or morals, or otherwise contrary to the welfare of the residents of the city; the Mayor shall, if his preliminary investigation discloses a basis for such charges, issue and cause to be served upon the owner of and parties in interest in such structure a complaint stating the charges in that respect.
   (B)    The Mayor may use expert advice in the investigation of a structure to determine his findings and these testimonies can be a part of the complaint to the owners of the property.
   (C)    The complaint shall state that a hearing will be held before the Mayor or a majority of the Planning Commission at a place therein fixed not less than ten days nor more than 30 days after the serving of the complaint; that the owner and parties in interest may file an answer to the complaint and appear in person or otherwise, and give testimony at the place and time fixed in the complaint; and that the rules of evidence prevailing in courts of law shall not be controlling in hearings before the Mayor or the Planning Commission.
(Ord. 80-16, passed 11- -80; Am. Ord. 82-3, passed 2-24-82)