The Historic Heritage and Revolving Loan Fund Advisory Board should conduct a survey of the historic buildings in the city. The Board may use the inventory of historic buildings in the city prepared by the Kentucky Heritage Council, and the Board may conduct its survey in accordance with the guidelines of the Heritage Council if it deems that appropriate. The Board shall include properties that meet one or more of the following criteria for any survey of historic buildings:
   (A)    The property is a significant reminder of the cultural or archeological heritage of the city, state, or nation;
   (B)    Its location is a site of a significant local, state, or national event;
   (C)    It is identified with a person or persons who significantly contributed to the development of the city, state, or nation;
   (D)    It is the work of a master builder, designer, or architect whose individual work has influenced the development of the city, state, or nation;
   (E)    It has value because of the quality of its architecture, and it retains sufficient elements showing its architectural significance; or
   (F)    It has distinguishing characteristics of an architectural style valuable for the study of a period, method of construction, or use of indigenous materials.
(Ord. 86-4, passed 3-26-86)