(A)    There is established the Augusta Historic Heritage and Revolving Loan Fund Advisory Board. The Board shall consist of five members appointed by the Mayor and approved by City Council. The Board shall include a Chairman designated by the Mayor and, to the extent available, four persons with interest or experience in architecture, history, architectural history, archeology, or another preservation-related field.
   (B)    The term of office of the Chairman and the members shall be two years, unless sooner removed by the Mayor, except the terms of two members of the original Board shall expire after one year. Each member shall serve until the appointment and qualification of his successor. When a vacancy occurs during a term of office, it shall be filled as provided above within 60 days, and the person selected shall be appointed for the unexpired portion of the term.
   (C)    Members of the Board shall serve without compensation, but they shall be reimbursed for expenses incurred in the performance of their duties.
   (D)   No members of the Board shall participate in any matter that may affect the property, income, or business interests of that member.
   (E)    In addition to the powers and duties stated elsewhere, the Board shall take action necessary and appropriate to accomplish the purpose of this chapter.
      (1)    These actions may include, but are not limited to:
         (a)    Advising and assisting owners of historic buildings that potential low interest revolving loan funds may be available to establish cottage industries when historical buildings have been restored.
         (b)    Identifying historic buildings threatened with destruction including those needing major repairs and suggesting to the owners ways those buildings can be preserved, prior to referral to the Vacant Property Review Commission.
         (c)    Collecting material on the preservation of historic buildings and suggesting to owners appropriate ways to make necessary repairs or changes.
      (2)    The Board may prepare plans for the preservation and rehabilitation of individual historic buildings, hold meetings to educate the public on preservation and its potential economic impact to the city, and place historic markers on buildings with the consent of the owner.
      (3)    The Board shall also be charged with executing all duties formerly exercised by the Revolving Loan Fund Committee under Ordinance 85-3, which is specifically amended to abolish the Revolving Loan Fund Committee per se and to place those powers and duties in the Board created by this section (see § 153.04).