(A)   Any firm within the city may be licensed hereunder as a gas fitter; provided that, the firm shall have at least one person who is:
      (1)   Serving as a bona fide officer of the firm or as a regular employee of the firm;
      (2)   Regularly and actually in charge of the planning, superintending and practical installation of gas piping and appliances carried out by the firm; and
      (3)   Duly licensed, pursuant to the provisions of § 119.02, as a gas fitter.
   (B)   In the event that any firm licensed as a gas fitter shall fail to have at least one bona fide officer or regular employee, as hereinabove described, licensed within the city as a gas fitter, then the City Council shall forthwith revoke the license of the firm as hereinafter provided. Any firm licensed as a gas fitter, as hereinabove provided, may employ and utilize persons not licensed as gas fitters in the inspecting, cleaning, repairing, altering, selling and installing of natural gas piping systems and appliances; provided that, the work of the nonlicensed persons is at all times under the jurisdiction, authority and direct control of a bona fide officer or regular employee of the firm who is licensed within the city as a gas fitter.
(Prior Code, § 10-421)