§ 90.04  BEES.
   Honeybees may be kept according to the following conditions:
   (A)   The beekeeper must present a copy of the letter of compliance from the State of Michigan stating the beekeeper is in compliance with the Michigan's Right To Farm Act and is adhering to the State of Michigan Care of Farm Animal's Generally Accepted Agricultural Management Practices (GAAMP) to the City Clerk's Office. The City Clerk's Office shall notify the abutting property owners that all conditions of this section have been met.
   (B)   A maximum of two hives maybe kept per parcel.
   (C)   A flyway barrier at least six feet in height shall shield any part of a property line that is within 25 feet of a hive. The flyway barrier shall consist of a solid wall, solid fence, dense vegetation or a combination thereof.
   (D)   A constant supply of water shall be provided for all hives.
   (E)   Hive enclosures shall be located in the rear or side yard at least 25 feet from any dwelling on a neighboring parcel and at least 15 feet from any sidewalk, roadway or alley.
   (F)   Hives must be located in a quiet area of the lot, not placed directly against a neighboring property. Hive entrances should face in such a direction that bees fly across the owner's property. Hives should be positioned so the hive opening does not face the neighbor's property.
   (G)   Hives should not be placed within 100 feet of schools, recreation areas, picnic grounds, or other locations that may result in adverse honey bee/public interactions. Exception would be, if requested by schools for education purposes.
   (H)   The beekeeper must comply with the State of Michigan's Care of Farm Animal's Generally Accepted Agricultural Management Practices and must become GAAMP compliant with the Michigan Right to Farm Act.
   (I)   The right to keep honeybees on one's property may be revoked if the GAAMP compliance letter is revoked and the bees become a public nuisance. A ten-day grace period may be granted to allow the property owner to correct the issues.
(Ord. passed - -)