The following uses shall be conditionally permitted subject to approval of a conditional use permit, in accordance with Chapter 1152 of this Code, and the use is found to be consistent with the goals and objectives of the district as set forth by the Planning Commission:
   (a)   Automotive dealers;
   (b)   Car wash;
   (c)   Convenience stores, with or without gasoline sales;
   (d)   Day care centers, child or adult;
   (e)   Funeral homes;
   (f)   Packaged liquor projects, including liquor, beer, and wine, wherein the proposed operator can demonstrate substantial likelihood that such sales will constitute less that twenty-five percent of total gross receipts;
   (g)   Restaurants utilizing a drive-through service;
   (h)   Gymnasiums or health clubs;
   (i)   Motion picture or live theatre, excluding drive-in movie theatres;
   (j)   Gasoline service stations;
   (k)   Automated Teller Machines (ATMs);
   (l)   Check cashing institutions;
   (m)   Veterinary facilities or small animal clinics, including overnight indoor boarding.
      (2004 Code)