A use shall be permitted only for the following purposes:
   (a)    Retail Sales Uses:
      (1)    Apparel;
      (2)    Art galleries and art supplies;
      (3)    Baked goods, provided that products baked on premises shall be sold only on premises;
      (4)    Books and stationery;
      (5)    Cards and gifts;
      (6)    Confections;
      (7)    Cosmetics;
      (8)    Craft and hobby supplies;
      (9)    Delicatessen and meat market (no processing);
      (10)    Department store;
      (11)    Household appliances, including electronic equipment and computers;
      (12)    Flowers;
      (13)    Fruits and vegetables;
      (14)    Furniture;
      (15)    Groceries;
      (16)    Hardware;
      (17)    Ice cream parlor;
      (18)    Jewelry;
      (19)    Lawn and garden supplies;
      (20)    Luggage;
      (21)   Music store, including records, tapes and compact discs;
      (22)    Newspapers and magazines;
      (23)    Paint and wallpaper supplies;
      (24)    Pharmacies;
      (25)    Photographic supplies and studio, provided the use does not exceed a gross floor area of 8,000 square feet.;
      (26)    Sporting goods;
      (27)    Toy stores;
      (28)    Shoe repair; and
      (29)    Travel agencies.
   (b)    Eating establishments:
Restaurants including those with outdoor dining, but excluding drive- through restaurants.
   (c)    Services:
      (1)    Apparel cleaning and drying, retail only including dry cleaning of clothes in enclosed machines using nonflammable cleaning compounds;
      (2)   Banks and savings and loans;
      (3)    Barber and beauty shops;
      (4)    Professional offices, including medical offices
   (d)    Any use permitted prior to the creation of the Special Commercial District may continue as permitted. If a previously permitted use is rendered non-conforming by the creation of this District, the use may continue until such use is discontinued or abandoned for a continuous period of one year, or otherwise altered at which time the use will be subject to the limitations set forth in this chapter.
      (Ord. 2012-59.  Passed 5-7-12.)