(a)   The regulations set forth in this chapter or set forth elsewhere in this Zoning Code when referred to in this chapter, are the regulations for the C-4 District, Special Commercial District. 
   (b)   The purpose of the Special Commercial District is to improve the visual and aesthetic character and economic value of development within the City of Ashtabula.  The current uses and vacant land in this area serve as a transition between existing community-oriented retail establishments and the neighboring residential area.  Regulations set forth for this district are intended to begin establishing a coherent design identity for the district, such as uniform setbacks and uniform height restrictions.  Additionally, the district regulations will stress buffering and landscaping to protect adjacent residential development from any adverse noise, visual, or traffic impacts arising from new commercial and retail development.
   (c)   Provisions of the Section shall not apply to uses existing prior to the creation of this district.  Pre-existing uses rendered non-conforming under this section may continue as permitted until such uses are discontinued for a continuous period of one year, abandoned or otherwise altered at which time the provisions of this section shall apply.
   (d)   In the event of conflicting provisions, the provisions set forth in this chapter shall prevail.  (2004 Code)