(A)   The City Administrator shall furnish to licensee a copy of this chapter at the time the city license is issued and a receipt for same shall be executed by the licensee. Any changes or amendments to same shall be forwarded to licensee at address on the license. Failure to receive or review such changes or amendments or review this chapter shall not be an excuse or justification for any violation or prevent, remit or decrease any penalty for a violation.
   (B)   All restrictions and prohibitions relating to retail package and drink licenses under this chapter and KRS Chapter 241, 242, 243, 244 and rules and regulations promulgated by the ABC Board shall have application to the club licenses.
   (C)   Within three days after any order of revocation of a license becomes final, notice of revocation shall be given to the licensee and to the owner of the licensed premises. A notice mailed to the licensee and to the owner of the licensed premises at the address shown in the last application for a license or in the last statement supplemental to the application shall be deemed sufficient compliance with this section. The licensee shall at once surrender his or her license to the City Administrator. If the revoked license is not forthwith surrendered by the licensee, the Chief of the Police at the request of the City Administrator shall immediately cause one of his or her officers to take physical possession of the license and return it to the City Administrator.
   (D)   When a license has been revoked the former licensee may, with prior approval of the City Administrator dispose of and transfer his or her stock of alcoholic beverages to a licensee, but such a disposition of stock on hand shall not be delayed longer than 90 days in the case of wholesalers or distributors nor longer than 20 days in the case of retailers.
   (E)   Hearings conducted by the City Administrator relating to suspension or revocation shall be conducted in the manner prescribed in § 111.16. Notice of such hearing shall be mailed to licensee at the address on his or her application by pre-paid certified mail return receipt requested. Notice shall set the time and place for such hearing and contain charges of violations.
   (F)   Appeal from the decision of the City Administrator shall be to the ABC Board.
   (G)   If a license is revoked or suspended by an order of the City Administrator, the licensee shall at once suspend all operations authorized under his or her license.
(Ord. 59-2018, passed 3-22-18)  Penalty, see § 111.99