(A)   No person shall own, keep or harbor any dog within the city limits unless such dog is licensed as herein provided. Written application for such license shall be made with the City Cashier or such other agents as shall be designated by the City Manager, and shall state the name and address of the owner and the name, breed, color, age and sex of the dog. The license fee shall be paid at the time of making application, a numbered receipt given to the applicant, and a numbered tag shall be issued to the owner.
   (B)   The annual license fee for each dog over the age of four (4) months shall be:  unneutered dog ten dollars ($10.00); neutered dog five dollars ($5.00). From the license fee collected by the city, two dollars and fifty cents ($2.50) from each fee shall be paid to the account designated by the Boyd Fiscal Court for payment of the county license required by KRS 258.135 and other related costs which will be incurred by the Boyd County Animal Shelter.
   (C)   Application must be made within thirty days (30) days after obtaining a dog over four (4) months of age.
   (D)   License fees shall not be required for dogs certified as:
      (1)   Seeing eye dogs;
      (2)   Dogs to aid the hearing impaired; or
      (3)   Specially trained dogs used to assist persons with disabilities.  Proof of vaccination must be shown to receive the free license tag.
   (E)   Every person engaged in the commercial business of buying, selling, breeding or boarding, and who owns, harbors, or keeps five (5) or more dogs in a kennel shall pay an annual license fee of one hundred dollars ($100.00), excluding veterinarians.
   (F)   All dog licenses and kennel licenses shall be issued for one (1) year effective, July 1st of each year. Dogs who come into the city after July 1 shall be required to be licensed within thirty (30) days.
   (G)   No kennel licenses shall be issued except whereby the commercial business operation is consistent with the zoning ordinance of the city, and no issuance to a commercial business not permitted by the zoning ordinance shall be valid.
   (H)   In the event that a license tag issued for a dog shall be lost, the owner may obtain a duplicate tag upon the payment of two dollars ($2.00).
   (I)   If there is a change in ownership of a dog or kennel during the license year, the new owner may have the current license transferred to his name upon the payment of a transfer fee of two dollars ($2.00).
   (J)   No person shall use for any dog a license receipt, or license tag issued for another dog.
   (K)   No license shall be issued for any dog unless and until the person applying for such license shall have furnished a certificate of a veterinarian or other qualified person showing that such dog or dogs has been or have been inoculated for rabies within one year next before the application for such license is made. This provision shall apply also to the issuance of a kennel license.
   (L)   The Animal Control Officer may issue a violation to the owner of any dog not properly licensed under the provisions of this section.  The fine for no license shall be ten dollars ($10.00).  The owner has five (5) working days to secure the license and pay this fine to the City Cashier or he/she will be cited to court to answer charges of violation of this subchapter pursuant to KRS 534.040.
(Ord. 105-2000, passed 8-17-00)
Penalty, see § 90.99
Cross reference:
   Zoning Code, see Ch. 157