(A)   The city may sell or otherwise dispose of any personal property which is not needed or has become unsuitable for public use, or which would be suitable, consistent with the public interest, for some other use.  A written determination as to the need or suitability of any personal property of the city shall be made, and the determination shall fully describe the personal property; its intended use at the time of acquisition; the reasons why it is in the public interest to dispose of the item; and the method of disposition to be used.  Surplus or excess personal property as described in this section may be transferred, with or without compensation, to another governmental agency, or it may be sold at public auction or by sealed bids in accordance with KRS 45A.365, or it may be sold by private sale in accordance with division (B) below.
   (B)   The  City  Manager,  or  any  employee designated by him, shall have the right and authority to dispose of, sell or convey surplus or obsolete personal property of the city to any qualified purchaser and in the manner and under the conditions herein described.  If the value of the surplus or obsolete property is less than $250, the City Manager, or his designated city employee, may authorize and complete a private sale to any qualified purchaser.  The City Manager shall require that a record be made of all items disposed of, sold, or conveyed and the City Manager, or his designated employee responsible for completing the transaction, shall sign a statement showing the determined value of all items, that the value was less than $250, and the name and address of the purchaser.  A record of all such sales shall be kept in the office of the Finance Director in a book or file designated solely for that purpose.
   (C)   All surplus or obsolete personal property with a value of $250 or more, and any motorized vehicle in operating condition, regardless of value, shall be sold by sealed bid or public auction.  The regulation of such an auction shall be in a manner designated by the City Manager, and a record shall be kept of all such property sold at any such auction in a book or file which shall be kept in the office of the Finance Director.  Sealed bids or public auction shall be advertised in accordance with KRS 45A.365.
   (D)   In the event of any disputes as to the fair market value or between prospective purchasers, the decision of the City Manager shall be final, and the City Manager may require and reserve approval on any and all purchases or dispositions of property.
(‘83 Code, § 36.66)  (Ord. 52-1979, passed 12-6-79; Am. Ord. 104-1980, passed 10-16-80; Am. Ord. 34-1987, passed 4-21-87; Am. Ord. 61-2019, passed 4-25-19)
Statutory reference:
   Surplus or excess property, see KRS 45A.425