(A)   Noncompetitive negotiation may be used only  when  written  determination  is  made  that competition is not feasible and it is further determined in writing by the City Manager that any of the following conditions exist:
      (1)   An emergency exists which will cause public harm as a result of the delay in competitive procedure.
      (2)   There is a single source within a reasonable geographical area of the product or service to be procured.
      (3)   The contract is for the services of a licensed professional, such as an attorney, physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, certified public accountant, registered nurse or educational specialist; a technician such as a plumber, electrician, carpenter or mechanic; or an artist such as a sculptor, aesthetic painter or musician, provided, however, that this provision shall not apply to architects or engineers providing construction management services rather than professional architect or engineer services.
      (4)   The contract is for the purchase of perishable items purchased on a weekly or more frequent basis, such as fresh fruits, vegetables, fish or meat.
      (5)   The contract is for replacement parts where the need cannot be reasonably anticipated and stockpiling is not feasible.
      (6)   The contract is for proprietary items for resale.
      (7)   In school districts, the contract relates to an enterprise in which the buying or selling by students is a part of the educational experience.
      (8)   The contract or purchase is for expenditures made on authorized trips outside of the boundaries of the city.
      (9)   The contract is for the purchase of supplies which are sold at public auction or by receiving sealed bids.
      (10)   The contract is for group life insurance,  group  health  and  accident  insurance, group professional liability insurance, worker's compensation, and unemployment insurance.
      (11)   The contract is for a sale of supplies at reduced prices that will afford a purchase at savings to the city.
   (B)   Noncompetitive bidding may also be used when the goods or services are in any of the following categories:
      (1)   Services or goods actually required during an emergency.
      (2)   Services provided by a public utility or pursuant to a franchise awarded according to law.
      (3)   Goods, services, equipment, publications, subscriptions, memberships, instructional materials and works of art available from a single source.
      (4)   Special supplies or equipment required for laboratory or experimental studies.
      (5)   Services from nonprofit agencies who provide the services for the benefit of the citizens of the city.
      (6)   Real property or interest in real property.
(‘83 Code, § 36.51) (Ord. 52-1979, passed 12-6-79; Am. Ord. 104-1980, passed 10-16-80 4-21-87; Am. Ord. 61-2019, passed 4-25-19)
Statutory reference:
   Noncompetitive negotiations, see KRS 45A.380