(A)   On-premises temporary portable signs shall be allowed for a maximum of 14 consecutive calendar days and may be displayed once at six-month-period intervals.
   (B)   Only one temporary portable sign shall be allowed per establishment. In no instance shall any two portable signs be closer than 75 feet apart.
   (C)   Temporary portable signs shall be located no closer than the edge of the right-of-way or no closer than 20 feet from the edge of the traveled way and outside of all sight distance triangles.
   (D)   Temporary portable signs shall not exceed an area of 32 square feet or a height of five feet.
   (E)   Temporary portable signs shall not be illuminated or employ flashing lights or have intermittent or moving parts.
   (F)   Temporary portable off-premises signs are prohibited.
(Ord. passed 1-22-08)