The following signs are prohibited:
   (A)   Signs obstructing the view of motorists entering or exiting roads or highways, or interfering with the driver’s view of approaching, merging or intersecting traffic.
   (B)   Signs creating unsafe distractions to motorists by incorporating flashing or blinking lights or signs with moving parts or parts which simulate movement, not including signs having only time and temperature messages. Signs with beams or rays of light which are directed on any residential dwelling or at any portion of a roadway and are of such intensity as to impair a driver’s vision thereby interfering with the operation of a motor vehicle. No illuminated sign shall interfere with or obscure an official traffic sign, device or signal.
   (C)   Any non-governmental sign resembling a public safety warning or traffic sign.
   (D)   Signs, whether temporary, permanent or directional, within any road or highway right-of-way, with the exception of governmental signs.
   (E)   Signs constructed or maintained upon trees and utility poles or painted or drawn upon natural rock formations or other natural features.
   (F)   Off-premises signs (including directional signs, but not temporary signs) designed to be visible from a road, or a portion thereof, designated as a Scenic Corridor by the Ashe County Board of Commissioners.
   (G)   Signs containing words or graphics that are obscene, as defined in G.S. Chapter 15.
(Ord. passed 1-22-08; Amended 8-15-11)