A.    Access To Lots And Buildings: Access to lots and buildings shall be provided in accordance with the latest city approved international fire code, and the city's design and construction standards for infrastructure. Except for cul-de-sacs, new streets shall connect to existing streets in adjoining or adjacent subdivisions, or to where future streets shall be connected in adjoining undeveloped tracts. Private roads or streets are required to connect to dedicated public streets.
   B.    Public Safety Within A Development: The design for a subdivision and/or planned unit development shall provide for public health, safety, and wellness. The design shall be reviewed by city staff using the following standards:
      1.   Lighting: Lighting shall be arranged so that an entry point, such as a sidewalk, walkway, recreation area or parking area, is adequately illuminated during the times of use.
      2.   Landscaping: Landscaping adjacent to sidewalks, entry points, intersections, or parking areas shall be open or lighted so as not to create places of concealment. Landscaping shall not interfere with corner sight distance of the street intersections or lot egress/ingress points.
      3.   Easements: Subdivisions/developments with private roads, walkways or parking areas shall provide an easement to the city of Artesia for emergency and utility service access.
      4.   Fences: Fences adjacent to public rights of way or easements shall have access points into any area without direct access to public areas. If locked, the access points shall have the locks facing the rights of way or easements which can be opened by the police and fire departments.
      5.   Fire Hydrants: Fire hydrants shall be provided as required by the city's fire code. See the city's "Design And Construction Standards For Infrastructure" and the city's fire code.
      6.   Mail Service: The method of mail delivery shall be coordinated with the local U.S. postal service and city staff. (Ord. 982, 11-10-2015)