A.    Sidewalks: Sidewalks shall be parallel to all public streets. The location and size shall depend on the road classification and intensity of the development per the city's design and construction standards for infrastructure and the street classification map of the city's comprehensive plan. All sidewalks shall be installed prior to the occupancy of the lots for which each sidewalk serves, and sidewalk installation shall be along the entire street frontage(s) of each lot.
   B.    Public Walkways: Pedestrian easements or public rights of way of ten feet (10') wide may be required by the city, located in the center of blocks more than eight hundred feet (800') long, to provide circulation or access to schools, playgrounds, shopping, or other community facilities.
   C.    Bikeways: Separate bicycle paths may be required if such paths are part of the city's comprehensive plan. (Ord. 982, 11-10-2015)