A.   Lots shall be situated and designed in a way that shall not cause difficulties or hardships, for reasons of topography or other conditions, in securing a building permit to build on all lots in compliance with the city's zoning regulations and in providing driveway access to principal structures on the lots from an officially approved street or alley.
   B.   Lot dimensions shall comply with the minimum standards set forth in the city's zoning regulations according to the zoning district in which they are located. Dimensions of corner lots shall be large enough to allow for construction of buildings, observing the minimum setbacks from both streets as established in the city's zoning regulations. Lot dimensions for business, commercial or industrial purposes shall be adequate in size to provide for the development standards and requirements established in the city's zoning regulations.
   C.   The lot line common to the street right of way shall be the "front line". The front line of corner lots shall be the lot line with the narrower dimension. The "rear line" shall be the opposite side from the front line. A rear line of one lot shall not abut the side line of an adjacent lot.
   D.   Double street frontage lots are strongly discouraged. Single- family residential lots shall not derive access from an arterial street and shall have limited access to collector streets. Multi- family residential lots may have limited access to arterial streets. Commercial and industrial lots shall be situated and designed so as to prohibit driveways that may require vehicles to back into streets.
   E.   Blocks may have adequate widths to provide for two (2) tiers of lots of appropriate depths. Block lengths in residential areas shall not exceed one thousand five hundred feet (1,500') nor shall they be less than three hundred feet (300'). (Ord. 982, 11-10-2015)