A.   Upon a plea of guilty or a judgment of conviction for violation of any provision of this city code or any city ordinance, the municipal court may suspend in whole or in part the execution of sentence or place the defendant on probation for a period not exceeding one year on terms and conditions the court deems best, or both.
   B.   Suspension of execution of the sentence or probation, or both, shall be granted only when the municipal judge is satisfied it will serve the ends of justice and of the public.
   C.   The defendant's liability for any fine or other punishment imposed shall be fully discharged upon successful completion of the terms of probation.
   D.   The municipal court may, as a condition of probation, require the defendant to serve a period of time in volunteer labor to be known as community service. The type of labor and period of service shall be at the sole discretion of the court; provided, that any person receiving community service shall be immune from any civil liability other than gross negligence arising out of the community service, and any person who performs community service pursuant to court order or any criminal diversion program shall not be entitled to any wages, shall not be considered an employee for any purpose and shall not be entitled to workers' compensation, unemployment benefits or any other benefits otherwise provided by law. As used in this section, "community service" means any labor that benefits the public at large or any public, charitable or educational entity or institution. (1996 Code § 1.16.020)