(A)   Every building constructed in this municipality with floors used for human occupancy located more than 75 feet in height above the lower level of fire department vehicle access shall have a fire suppression system installed and in operation in conformity with the rules of the state Board of Building Standards adopted pursuant to R.C. § 3781.10.
   (B)   As used in this section:
      FIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTEM. Means a system that includes devices and equipment to detect a fire, actuates an alarm, and suppress or control a fire.
      HUMAN OCCUPANCY. Does not include floors of buildings where occupancy by humans is limited to ingress, egress, and limited access for maintenance and repair.
(R.C. § 3781.108(A), (B))
   (C)   Whoever violates the provisions of this section shall be fined not more than $1,000.
(R.C. §§ 3791.02, 3791.03)