Upon the failure or refusal of such person to remove such vehicle within the time specified, the Police Department of the town shall remove such vehicle and impound such vehicle at the owner’s expense. Such owner shall have 30 days in which to reclaim such vehicle, by paying the expense of such removal, and storage, and if not reclaimed within such time, such vehicle will be sold for junk or at a public auction by the town. Any money received over the expense of such removal and storage shall be returned to the owner. In the event that the money received from such public auction or sale for junk as herein provided is not sufficient to pay the cost of removal or storage of any vehicle removed or stored under this subchapter, the amount of such insufficiency shall be a lien on the real estate from which such vehicle shall have been such lien with the County Treasurer to be placed upon the tax roll concerning such real estate.
(1996 Code, § 74.06)  (Ord. 300, passed 5-13-1980)  Penalty, see § 91.99