(A)   The Police Department of the town or any member thereof, is hereby authorized to issue a written demand to the owner, occupant, agent, or person in possession of the premises on which any wrecked, junked, or abandoned motor vehicle is kept in violation of this subchapter, notifying any such person to remove such vehicle from the premises within 72 hours from the receipt of said notice. Said written demand shall be placed upon said motor vehicle, and a copy thereof shall be served upon any adult occupying the real estate on which the motor vehicle is located, and upon the owner of the motor vehicle, if known.
   (B)   If no occupant of the real estate or owner of the motor vehicle can be found on the premises, a notice affixed to any building on the real estate, or if there is no building, a notice affixed elsewhere on said real estate, shall constitute notice to the owner and/or occupant of the real estate and to the owner of the junk car.
(1996 Code, § 74.05)  (Ord. 300, passed 5-13-1980; Ord. 2000-4, passed 4-19-2000)