(A)   Except as otherwise provided by statute, only a peace officer and part-time peace officer may:
      (1)   Ask a person receiving a citation to give a written promise to appear in court; or
      (2)   Take a person into custody as permitted by M.S. § 629.34.
   (B)   The following city officials may issue citations in lieu of arrest or continued detention for violation of the city code. Areas of jurisdiction will be contained in city policy as set forth, in resolution form, by the City Council:
      (1)   Peace officers and part-time peace officers;
      (2)   Reserve officers;
      (3)   City Planner;
      (4)   Community Development Director;
      (5)   Project Engineer;
      (6)   Fire inspection officers;
      (7)   Community service officers; and
      (8)   City Building Official and inspectors.