(A)   A minimum of eight off-street parking spaces, free of snow and ice, shall be provided on the site. This shall not reduce the number of parking spaces required for other uses on the property.
   (B)   Lighting shall be provided as is necessary for security, safety and traffic circulation.
   (C)   The lot must be set back a minimum of 20 feet from the public right-of-way.
   (D)   Signage, exclusive of posted license requirements, shall be as permitted by § 154.04.
   (E)   (1)   Where a license is issued to a non-profit organization, the organization must prominently post the following information on the licensed premises: name of the licensed organization, name and address of any entity jointly involved in the operation and dollar amount or percentage amount of the sales price per tree which the organization receives from the sale.
      (2)   The sign shall be adequately lighted, shall be legible, shall not be less than 24 by 36 inches in size and shall be displayed at the main entrance to the sales lot.
   (F)   The application shall include a detailed site plan of the premises and the area proposed for the lot including temporary shelter structures if any.
   (G)   The applicant shall represent and warrant adequate liability insurance and shall provide proof upon request of the city.
   (H)   Licenses shall not be issued to premises on residentially zoned property.
(‘81 Code, § 15-23) (Ord. 460, passed 9-21-89)