(A)   Whenever a tract to be subdivided embraces any part of a street designated in the adopted street classification plan, such street shall be platted in conformance therewith.
   (B)   Street layout shall provide for the continuation or termination of such streets.
   (C)   Certain proposed public streets, as designated by the Development Services Director and the City Engineer or their designees, shall be extended or stubbed to the tract boundary to provide future connection with adjoining unplatted lands. Easements and improvements for temporary cul-de-sacs shall be provided. No spite strips are permitted.
   (D)   Local streets shall be so arranged and designed as to provide connectivity and to discourage their use by through traffic.
   (E)   Where a proposed subdivision abuts or contains an existing or proposed arterial route, any or all of the following may be required to preserve the traffic function along the arterial route: access or frontage streets, or non-access easements along the arterial route, or such other treatment as may be justified for protection of residential properties from the nuisance and hazard of high-volume traffic.
   (F)   Where a subdivision abuts or contains the right-of-way of a limited access highway or an irrigation canal, or abuts a commercial or industrial land use, the Development Services Director and the City Engineer or their designees may require location of a street approximately parallel to and on each side of the right-of-way at a distance suitable for appropriate use of the intervening land. Such distance shall be determined with due regard for approach grades, drainage, bridges or future grade separation. The city may require a shared access roadway/drive to serve abutting residential and commercial/industrial land uses.
   (G)   Streets shall be so arranged in relation to existing topography as to produce desirable lots of maximum utility and streets of reasonable gradient and to facilitate adequate drainage with due consideration of traffic safety.
   (H)   The city policy is to discourage alleys in residential subdivisions. Public alleys shall conform to the requirements of § 10-3-6(F) Public Alleys, Engineering Standards, Vol. II, Apache Junction City Code.
   (I)   Half-streets shall be discouraged except where necessary to provide right-of-way required by the street classification plan to complete a street pattern already begun or to ensure reasonable development of a number of adjoining parcels. Where there exists a platted half-street abutting the tract to be subdivided and the half-street furnished the sole access to residential lots, the remaining half shall be platted.
   (J)   Where an MPC District is being formed, alternate requirements as stated within this Article 2-3-2 may be proposed and made a part of the approved MPC District.   
(Ord. 1503, passed - -2021)