§ 11-1.03 DEFINITIONS.
   (A)   For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
      HOUSING SERVICES. All amenities and services related to the use or occupancy of a rental unit and common areas that are provided by the landlord. HOUSING SERVICES includes without limitation hot and cold water, heat, utilities, painting, elevator service, refuse removal, janitorial service, maintenance, repairs, replacement, recreational areas (including pools or gyms), laundry facilities, furnishings, storage space, parking (including one or more automobiles), employee services, security services, insurance, the payment of property taxes, and any other benefits or privileges permitted to the tenant by agreement, whether express or implied, including the right to have a specific number of occupants and the right to one-for-one replacement of roommates, regardless of any prohibition against subletting and/or assignment. HOUSING SERVICES also includes those basic housing services required by Cal. Civil Code § 1941.1. HOUSING SERVICES includes a proportionate part of services provided to common facilities of the building and property in which the rental unit is contained.
      LANDLORD. An owner of record, lessor, sublessor or any other person, entity, or nonnatural person entitled to receive rent for the use or occupancy of any dwelling place subject to this Rent Stabilization chapter, or an agent representative, affiliate, member, shareholder, trustee, or successor of any of the foregoing. If an owner of a rental unit is other than a single natural person, then all entities and persons that share ownership and/or control (direct or indirect) of the units under this Rent Stabilization chapter shall be considered one and the same landlord.
      RENT. The sum of all consideration demanded accepted, or retained for the use or occupancy of a rental unit or for housing services provided, or both. RENT includes all periodic payments and all nonmonetary consideration, including, but not limited to, the fair market value of goods or services rendered to or for the benefit of the landlord, under an agreement concerning the use or occupancy of residential real property.
   (B)   Terms defined in other sections of this Rent Stabilization chapter shall have such meaning when used in this Rent Stabilization chapter, whether singular or plural.
(Ord. 2219-C-S, passed 10-11-22)