§ 3-5A-108.  Powers and duties.
   (a)   Powers. The Commission may:
      (1)   receive, mediate, and adjudicate complaints of discrimination in housing;
      (2)   initiate and investigate matters relating to discrimination in housing;
      (3)   provide mediation services;
      (4)   adopt rules of procedure after posting the proposed rules on the County’s webpage and providing a reasonable period of time for comment;
      (5)    conduct public hearings in accordance with Subtitle 2 of Title 5A;
      (6)   provide training and seminars in human relations;
      (7)   conduct educational programs;
      (8)   collect, research, assemble, analyze, and disseminate data and educational materials to assist in the elimination of discrimination;
      (9)   make recommendations to the County Executive, the County Council, and County departments and offices on matters involving human relations, including housing discrimination, prejudice, and inter-group relations;
      (10)   suggest proposed legislation to the County Executive or the County Council; and
      (11)   cooperate with federal, State, and local commissions, agencies, organizations, and groups.
   (b)   Duties. On or before January 31 of each year, the Commission shall submit a report to the County Executive and the County Council setting forth its accomplishments for the preceding year and its goals for the forthcoming year.
(Bill No. 57-19; Bill No. 94-19)