§ 4-8-101.  Scope.
   (a)   State law. Real property within a defined geographic area in the County may be formed into a special taxing district in accordance with Local Government Article, §§ 21-501 et seq., of the State Code, and this title.
   (b)   Intent. The approvals and authorizations provided in any ordinance described in § 4-8-102 and any bond resolution described in § 4-8-103 are intended solely to authorize the County to accomplish certain financing transactions under and in accordance with the provisions of Local Government Article, §§ 21-501 et seq., of the State Code.
   (c)   Construction. Any approvals, authorizations, or activities provided in an ordinance or bond resolution shall not constitute, be deemed to constitute, or imply that the County Council, the County Executive, or any department, office, or agency of the County approves, favors, authorizes, or consents to any action or activity within or required for the development of the district, including any land use approval, requirements for the provision of public utilities or services, or any administrative, judicial, quasi-judicial, or legislative action.
(1985 Code, Art. 6, § 4A-101)  (Bill No. 58-97; Bill No. 116-97)