18-11-101.   Airports and airfields.
   18-11-102.   Amusement parks.
   18-11-103.   Animal hospitals and veterinary clinics.
   18-11-104.   Assisted living facilities.
   18-11-105.   Automobile and truck dismantling and recycling facilities.
   18-11-106.   Automobile gasoline stations.
   18-11-107.   Automobile towing facilities in conjunction with automobile gasoline stations.
   18-11-108.   Bed and breakfast inns.
   18-11-109.   Campgrounds, commercial recreational.
   18-11-110.   Cement manufacturing.
   18-11-111.   Cemeteries.
   18-11-112.   Child care centers other than as a home occupation.
   18-11-113.   Clay and borrow pits and sand and gravel operations.
   18-11-114.   Coke and coke products manufacturing.
   18-11-115.   (Reserved).
   18-11-116.   Commercial recreational facilities.
   18-11-117.   Commercial telecommunication facilities.
   18-11-118.   Conference retreat facilities.
   18-11-119.   Conversion of existing single-family detached dwellings to duplex dwellings.
   18-11-120.   Country clubs, private clubs, and service and nonprofit charitable organizations with 125 or more onsite parking spaces.
   18-11-121.   Dance halls.
   18-11-122.   Drive-in theaters.
   18-11-123.   Dwellings, duplexes and semi-detached.
   18-11-124.   Eating disorder treatment facility.
   18-11-125.   Farm or agricultural heritage site special event, 16 to 30 annual events.
   18-11-126.   Fertilizer manufacturing.
   18-11-127.   Festival, renaissance.
   18-11-128.   Heliports.
   18-11-129.   Hotels and motels.
   18-11-130.   Kennels, commercial.
   18-11-131.   Landfills, rubble and land-clearing debris landfills.
   18-11-132.   Landscaping and tree contracting.
   18-11-133.   Licensed premises of licensed dispensaries of medical cannabis.
   18-11-134.   Mobile home parks.
   18-11-135.   Natural wood waste recycling facilities.
   18-11-136.   Nursing homes.
   18-11-137.   Ore storage.
   18-11-138.   Pawnshops.
   18-11-139.   Petroleum products, storage for retail sale.
   18-11-140.   Petroleum products, storage onsite in excess of 1,000,000 gallons for use by W3 District uses or public utilities.
   18-11-141.   Piers and launching ramps, community.
   18-11-142.   Planned unit developments.
   18-11-143.   Plasma centers.
   18-11-144.   Public utility uses.
   18-11-145.   Race tracks for horses.
   18-11-146.   Race tracks other than horse race tracks.
   18-11-147.   Radio, television, or industrial testing towers.
   18-11-148.   Recyclables recovery facilities.
   18-11-149.   Religious facilities with 300 or more onsite parking spaces.
   18-11-150.   Rendering plants.
   18-11-151.   Rifle, pistol, skeet, and archery ranges, indoor.
   18-11-152.   Rifle, pistol, skeet, and archery ranges, outdoor.
   18-11-153.   Rubble processing facilities.
   18-11-154.   Schools, private academic and public charter, with 125 or more onsite parking spaces.
   18-11-155.   Self-service storage facilities.
   18-11-156.   Small wind energy systems.
   18-11-157.   Solar energy generating facility – community.
   18-11-158.   Solar energy generating facility – utility scale.
   18-11-159.   Solid waste transfer stations.
   18-11-160.   Stadiums, commercial.
   18-11-161.   Storage, bulk for agricultural products.
   18-11-162.   Storage of watercraft, covered and wet.
   18-11-163.   Storage of watercraft, covered and dry.
   18-11-164.   Structures, permanent, accessory to active recreational uses.
   18-11-165.   Storage of watercraft, multilevel watercraft rack.
   18-11-166.   Truck and trailer rental facilities in conjunction with automobile gasoline stations.
Attorney's note – Special exception uses shall comply with the requirements of this title and with the requirements of the district in which the use is located to the extent not inconsistent with this title. Special exceptions relating to nonconforming uses are governed by § 18-15-103.
   Attorney’s note – In 2019 the Maryland Court of Appeals held that state law preempts by implication local zoning law with respect to solar energy generating systems that require a certificate of public convenience and necessity issued by the Maryland Public Service Commission, but cautioned that local zoning law should still receive due consideration by the Public Service Commission in rendering its ultimate decision, Board of County Commissioners of Washington County v. Perennial Solar, 464 Md. 610, 644–45 (2019).