Subtitle 1.  In General
   17-8-101.   Scope.
   17-8-102.   Conflict with other law.
   17-8-103.   Variance provisions apply.
   17-8-104.   Violations and enforcement.
   17-8-105.   Relocation of development potential.
   17-8-106.   Reasonable accommodations for physical disability.
Subtitle 2.  General Development Requirements
   17-8-201.   Development on slopes of 15% or greater.
   17-8-202.   Environmental Site Design (ESD) to the Maximum Extent Practicable (MEP).
   17-8-203.   Septic requirements.
   17-8-204.   Structural stormwater management practices in the RCA.
   17-8-205.   Development in the IDA.
Subtitle 3.  Buffers
   17-8-301.   Development.
Subtitle 4.  Lot Coverage in the LDA and RCA
   17-8-401.   Scope.
   17-8-402.   Lot coverage limits in the critical area.
   17-8-403.   Reconfiguration of lot coverage or impervious surfaces outside the buffer and expanded buffer.
   17-8-404.   Pervious areas.
   17-8-405.   Stormwater management.
Subtitle 5.  Habitat Protection Areas
   17-8-501.   Scope.
   17-8-502.   Development in habitat protection areas.
   17-8-503.   Public roads, bridges, outfalls, and utilities.
Subtitle 6.  Clearing, Reforestation, Replanting, and Afforestation
   17-8-601.   Clearing in the LDA and RCA.
   17-8-602.   Clearing mitigation and afforestation.
   17-8-603.   Mitigation for Forest Interior Dwelling Species (“FIDS”) habitat.
   17-8-604.   Fees in lieu of replanting.
Subtitle 7.  Buffer Modification Areas
   17-8-701.   Scope.
   17-8-702.   Development requirements for single family residential uses.
   17-8-703.   Development requirements for commercial, industrial, institutional, recreational, and duplex, townhouse, semi-detached and multifamily uses.
   17-8-704.   Development requirements for government reuse facilities.
   17-8-705.   Development requirements for marinas.
Subtitle 8.  Growth Allocation Areas
   17-8-801.   Planting and vegetation.
   17-8-802.   Development requirements for re-designated property.
Subtitle 9.  Agreements
   17-8-901.   Forestation agreement and forest conservation easement.
Subtitle 10.  Consolidation and Reconfiguration of Lots in the Critical Area
   17-8-1001.   Definitions.
   17-8-1002.   Lot consolidation and reconfiguration.