§ 15-2-506.  Powers of Health Officer.
   The Health Officer may:
      (1)   prohibit the installation of hand-dug wells;
      (2)   require adequate safety measures when digging or drilling test holes for sewerage system installations and immediate backfilling of the holes when abandoned;
      (3)   require adequate grouting of wells; and
      (4)   reject installation of an individual sewage disposal system, even though the soil test is satisfactory, if the history of the area indicates any one of the following conditions:
         (i)   seasonally high ground water table;
         (ii)   pollution of water wells or any potential water supply;
         (iii)   soil characteristics that will not sustain continuous permeability;
         (iv)   a history of surrounding sewage disposal system failures and polluted wells;
         (v)   unsuitable topography as determined by a soil survey and recommended by the Soil Conservation District; or
         (vi)   other conditions that may be prejudicial to public health.
(1985 Code, Art. 14, § 1-102) (Bill No. 1-12)