Subtitle 1.  In General
   13-5-101.   Sanitary district; subdistricts.
   13-5-102.   Mayo Water Reclamation Subdistrict.
   13-5-103.   Department to control facilities; rules and regulations.
   13-5-104.   Purchase and sale of water and wastewater services.
   13-5-105.   Acquisition of private water and wastewater systems.
   13-5-106.   Conservation of water during shortage.
   13-5-107.   Fire hydrants.
   13-5-108.   Backflow preventers.
   13-5-109.   Changes in grade affecting installation.
   13-5-110.   Agreements with developers.
   13-5-111.   Installation of public water and wastewater facilities by developers.
   13-5-112.   Odenton Town Center Sanitary Subdistrict.
   13-5-113.   Annual security for licensed utility contractors.
Subtitle 2.  Private Water and Wastewater Systems
   13-5-201.   Connection to private wastewater system required.
   13-5-202.   Construction of private water and wastewater systems.
Subtitle 3.  Extension of Public Water and Wastewater Systems
   13-5-301.   Definitions.
   13-5-302.   Extension on initiation by Department.
   13-5-303.   Extension on initiation by property owners.
   13-5-304.   Service access connection.
   13-5-305.   Connections to public water and wastewater mains required.
   13-5-306.   Unlawful connection.
   13-5-307.   Properties permitted to connect; required connection.
Subtitle 4.  Allocation and Allotment of Water and Wastewater Capacity
   13-5-401.   Definitions.
   13-5-402.   Allocation.
   13-5-403.   Charges and fees for property subject to adequate public facilities.
   13-5-404.   Fees and charges for property otherwise connecting.
   13-5-405.   Lapse.
   13-5-406.   Private financing for additional capacity.
   13-5-407.   Assignment or conveyance of allocation.
   13-5-408.   Allotment.
Subtitle 5.  Wastewater Discharge Requirements
   13-5-501.   Definitions.
   13-5-502.   Abbreviations.
   13-5-503.   Conformity to subtitle.
   13-5-504.   Prohibited discharges in general.
   13-5-505.   Limitations on wastewater strength.
   13-5-506.   Accidental discharges – Protection against.
   13-5-507.   Discharge of hauled wastes.
   13-5-508.   Fees.
   13-5-509.   Wastewater discharge permits – Nonresidential users.
   13-5-510.   Hauled waste discharge permits.
   13-5-511.   Standards; modification.
   13-5-512.   Reporting requirements.
   13-5-513.   Monitoring facilities.
   13-5-514.   Inspections.
   13-5-515.   Confidential information.
   13-5-516.   Records retention.
   13-5-517.   Bypasses.
   13-5-518.   Upsets.
   13-5-519.   Administrative enforcement; injunctive relief.
Subtitle 6.  Assessments
   13-5-601.   Definitions.
   13-5-602.   Authority to impose; liability; lien.
   13-5-603.   Determination of assessment.
   13-5-604.   Notice and hearing; finality; adjustments.
   13-5-605.   Properties permitted to connect.
Subtitle 7.  Special Benefit Charges
   13-5-701.   Definition.
   13-5-702.   Liability.
   13-5-703.   Assessment and rate.
Subtitle 8.  Charges and Assessments for Water and Wastewater
   13-5-801.   Liability.
   13-5-802.   Scope.
   13-5-803.   Definitions.
   13-5-804.   Determination of equivalent dwelling units.
   13-5-805.   Metered water and wastewater charges.
   13-5-806.   Wastewater charges for properties with water meters on private water sources and for properties without water service.
   13-5-807.   Annual report on water and wastewater service charges.
   13-5-808.   Environmental protection fee.
   13-5-809.   Penalties, back-billing, adjustments, and payments.
   13-5-810.   Procedure when charges not paid.
   13-5-811.   Charge for restoration of water service.
   13-5-812.   Charge for meter reading, special billing, and meter test.
   13-5-813.   Water and wastewater system connection charges and assessments.
   13-5-814.   Exemption for elderly or disabled.
   13-5-815.   Partial deferral of residential wastewater system connection charges and assessments.
   13-5-816.   Subsidies for wastewater extension projects.
   13-5-817.   Water and wastewater revolving fund.
Subtitle 9.  Other Charges and Fees
   13-5-901.   Rates for disposal of septic tank sludge, chemical waste, and holding tank waste.
   13-5-902.   Rates for private fire protection systems.
   13-5-903.   Private fire hydrant charge.
   13-5-904.   Fees for fire hydrant permits.
   13-5-905.   Fees for County fire hydrant meters.
   13-5-906.   Fire flow test charge.