§ 1-2-203.  State's Attorney Investigator.
   (a)   Defined. In this section, "State's Attorney Investigator" means an individual specially approved and appointed by the State's Attorney from time to time as the State's Attorney considers necessary.
   (b)   Generally. A State's Attorney Investigator is under the direct supervision of the State's Attorney, shall perform such duties as the State's Attorney may designate, and is entitled to compensation and benefits comparable to those of County sworn police personnel. A State's Attorney Investigator is at all times subject to the rules and regulations of the appointing authority and the supervision and control of the persons the appointing authority designates.
   (c)   Oath. Each State's Attorney Investigator shall take an oath of office subscribed before the Clerk of the Circuit Court for the County.
   (d)   Confidentiality. Each State's Attorney Investigator shall hold as confidential all information obtained as a result of any investigation and may not divulge the information except on order of a court of record of the State or for the proper administration of justice.
(1985 Code, Art. 4, § 2-103)  (Bill No. 90-87; Bill No. 23-04)