§ 1-2-102.  Administration of oath.
   (a)   Authority to administer. The County Council, County Executive, Chief Administrative Officer, Chief of Staff, Director of Inspections and Permits, Planning and Zoning Officer, Administrative Hearing Officer, Board of Appeals, Personnel Board, Director of Public Works, County Auditor, County Attorney,  Deputy County Attorneys, Supervising County Attorneys, Assistant County Attorneys, Human Relations Officer, Ethics Commission, and Executive Director of the Ethics Commission may administer oaths to and take the testimony of any witness before them in a civil matter.
   (b)   Content. The form and effect of an oath administered under this section shall be the same as an oath administered in a court of law.
(1985 Code, Art. 2, § 1-102)  (Bill No. 13-89; Bill No. 95-94; Bill No. 23-04; Bill No. 71-16; Bill No. 57-19)