(A)   (1)   A vote or question may be reconsidered at any time during the same meeting, or at the first regular meeting held thereafter.
      (2)   A motion for reconsideration, once having been made and decided in the negative, shall not be renewed.
      (3)   A matter once having been decided and a motion to reconsider the matter having been defeated, it may nonetheless come before the Council at a future time by way of a motion to rescind or as a new motion.
      (4)   If the Chair determines that new facts are to be presented to the Council, or that there is a likelihood that the Council will reverse its previous decision, the Chair shall rule the motion in order. If a motion is continuously brought before the Council and rejected, the Chair may rule its reintroduction under a motion to rescind or as a new motion to be out of order.
   (B)   No motion to reconsider the approval or denial of the recommendation of an advisory body required to hold public hearings shall be entertained except at the same meeting at which the original action was taken or after the matter has been referred to the advisory body for a further hearing and recommendation.
   (C)   A motion to reconsider must be made and seconded by members who voted on the prevailing side of the question to be reconsidered, unless otherwise provided by law; provided, however, that where a motion has received a majority vote in the affirmative, but is declared lost solely on the ground that a greater number of affirmative votes is required by statute for the passage or adoption of the motion, then in that case a motion to reconsider may be made and seconded only by those who voted in the affirmative on the question to be reconsidered, so long as the issue presented is the same, no new information is forthcoming, and the rights of third parties have not intervened.