Concurrent with, or subsequent to, the introduction of an ordinance adding this chapter to the Municipal Code, the City Council may introduce an ordinance to reclassify the property covered by Specific Plan No. 90-1 (SP No. 90-1) and this chapter to the zoning designation SP No. 90-1. Such reclassification shall be subject to each of those certain conditions of approval of SP No. 90-1, as set forth in Resolution No. 90R-86. Any violation of any of said conditions shall be deemed a violation of this chapter, as well as of the reclassification ordinance, and shall be punishable as set forth in Section 1.01.370 (Violations of Code–Penalty) of Chapter 1.01 (Code Adoption and Construction). (Ord. 5109 § 1 (part); March 27, 1990: Ord. 5920 § 1 (part); June 8, 2004.)